jueves, 21 de febrero de 2008

Obama vulnerable

En un artículo para el Wall Street Journal, Karl Rove da algunas claves sobre cómo enfrentar a Barack Obama. Obama's New Vulnerability

(...) Mr. Obama had not been so effectively criticized before. In the Democratic contest, John Edwards and Mrs. Clinton were unwilling to confront him directly or in a manner that hurt him. Mr. McCain was rightly preoccupied by his own primary. On Tuesday night, things changed.

Perhaps in response to criticisms that have been building in recent days, Mr. Obama pivoted Tuesday from his usual incantations. He dropped the pretense of being a candidate of inspiring but undescribed "post-partisan" change. Until now, Mr. Obama has been making appeals to the center, saying, for example, that we are not red or blue states, but the United States. But in his Houston speech, he used the opportunity of 45 (long) minutes on national TV to advocate a distinctly non-centrist, even proudly left-wing, agenda. By doing so, he opened himself to new and damaging contrasts and lines of criticism.

Mr. McCain can now question Mr. Obama's promise to change Washington by working across party lines. Mr. Obama hasn't worked across party lines since coming to town. Was he a member of the "Gang of 14" that tried to find common ground between the parties on judicial nominations? Was Mr. Obama part of the bipartisan leadership that tackled other thorny issues like energy, immigration or terrorist surveillance legislation? No. Mr. Obama has been one of the most dependably partisan votes in the Senate.

(...) Unlike Bill Clinton in 1992, Mr. Obama is completely unwilling to confront the left wing of the Democratic Party, no matter how outrageous its demands, no matter how out of touch it might be with the American people. And Tuesday night, in a key moment in this race, he dropped the pretense that his was a centrist agenda. His agenda is the agenda of the Democratic left. (...)

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Charles Wild dijo...

A alguien le importa lo que diga Karl Rove?

Bueno sí, a los familiares de agentes secretos o semisecretos que tiene USA metidos por todo el mundo. Mejor que no le lleven la contraria.

Antxon G. dijo...

A cualquiera que tenga interés en seguir las elecciones le interesa la opinión de Karl Rove.

Charles Wild dijo...

Me refiero al hecho que políticamente huele bastante. A muerto, eh?

Tendrá alguna responsabilidad en la campaña republicana? No es retórica, no tengo ni idea, como en tantas cosas.