sábado, 23 de febrero de 2008

Deserciones entre Superdelegados

El Senador Barack Obama empieza a resultar más atractivo que Hillary Clinton para los Superdelegados. En las dos últimas semanas, Hillary ha perdido a dos de los superdelegados que le habían comprometido su apoyo, y no ha lorgado atraer a ninguno nuevo; Obama, por su parte, en ese mismo periodo ha logrado añadir 25 nuevos superdelegados a su columna. Superdelegates Are Flocking to Obama

(...) The Democratic superdelegates are starting to follow the voters — straight to Barack Obama.

In just the past two weeks, more than two dozen of them have climbed aboard his presidential campaign, according to a survey by The Associated Press. At the same time, Hillary Rodham Clinton's are beginning to jump ship, abandoning her for Obama or deciding they now are undecided.

The result: He's narrowing her once-commanding lead among these "superdelegates," the Democratic office holders and party officials who automatically attend the national convention and can vote for whomever they choose.

As Obama has reeled off 11 straight primary victories, some of the superdelegates are having second — or third — thoughts about their public commitments.

Take John Perez, a Californian who first endorsed John Edwards and then backed Clinton. Now, he says, he is undecided.

"Given where the race is at right now, I think it's very important for us to play a role around bringing the party together around the candidate that people have chosen, as opposed to advocating for our own choice," he said in an interview. (...)

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