martes, 12 de octubre de 2010

2012: Mitch Daniels en Newsnight ( BBC)

El Gobernador de Indiana fue entrevistado ayer en el programa Newsnight de la BBC británica. Habló sobre el estado de la economía y sobre el 2012. Ver video aquí.

(...) "America faces for the first time, other than the nuclear threat of a few decades ago, a genuine survival level issue," Mitch Daniels says.

"My reading of history is that there are points of no return, past which nations will not recover to anything like their previous strength."

It is apocalyptic language, and since Mr Daniels is widely regarded as having a decent chance of becoming the next US president, all the more alarming.

Burdened by its $14tn debt, hemmed in by currency manipulation and trade rivalry, crippled - as Mr Daniels sees it - by a government whose size is sucking the lifeblood out of the economy - the US is, he believes, approaching a point of no return.

But towards what, I ask him, perennial decline?

"Decline might not be the right word. It might be very abrupt, very sudden. I am not predicting that but it cannot be excluded," he says. "My sense is that we'll have to do things in this country that the political smart money said you can't do." (...)


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Anónimo dijo...

Sería un excepcional candidato y un excepcional Presidente. Tiene apoyos, aparte del Senador Lugar, como son muchos de los actuales gobernadores republicanos y busca acercarse a la máquina de recaudadores que tan bien creo el Presidente Bush.