viernes, 4 de abril de 2008

McCain no habla de sus hijos

Es de resañar que el Senador John McCain no utilice en campaña el servicio militar de sus dos hijos pequeños, uno de los cuales volvió de Iraq el mes pasado. No lo hizo cuando su aventura presidencial estaba a punto de quebrar a mediados del pasado año, ni lo está haciendo en la actualidad cuando habla a los estadounidenses de la necesidad de asumir difíciles sacrificios en Iraq y en la Guerra contra el Terrorismo. Una manera de obrar poco común entre la clase política. For McCain, son’s duty in Iraq is not a talking point

(...) Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) regularly talks about his military experience on the presidential campaign trail, but he draws the line when asked about his sons’ service in the armed forces.

Jimmy McCain, 19, who returned from Iraq in mid-February, is stationed at Camp Pendleton in California. Jack McCain, 21, is poised to graduate from the Naval Academy and could join the Marines as a second lieutenant.

At a time when Democrats are calling for a withdrawal of troops from Iraq, McCain has refused to use his children’s experience to strengthen his arguments for keeping the U.S. military in the Middle Eastern country.

Democrats have claimed that a McCain White House would be tantamount to a third term of President Bush’s Iraq strategy. But the dynamic of criticizing McCain on Iraq will be different than for the president, who did not serve in a war and does not have children serving abroad.

GOP strategists say that McCain stands to gain more by keeping his sons’ military credentials off-limits than by drawing on them for political gain.

(...) McCain has appeared uncomfortable when asked about Jimmy’s deployment to Iraq.

When asked about it last month by Fox commentator Sean Hannity, McCain replied, “We really never talk about our sons. We have two sons in the military but we never talk about it, if that’s all right.”

McCain added, “I am so proud of both of them.” (...)

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octopusmagnificens dijo...

El que sí que habría hablado, y mucho, es Mitt Romney.

Antxon G. dijo...

Y John Edwards xD