jueves, 22 de noviembre de 2007

Romney en el Weekly Standard

El Gobernador Mitt Romney quien, por cierto, acaba de ser abuelo por decimoprimera vez, es la portada de esta semana en la influyente revista conservadora Weekly Standard. El veterano Fred Barnes traza un extenso perfil del candidato, en el que destaca el análisis de su condición de político no profesional, y la traslación de su experiencia ejecutiva en el sector privado al mundo de la gestión pública. The Man Who Wants to Fix Washington

(...) Mitt Romney and George W. Bush both graduated from Harvard Business School in 1975. "We did attend one class together," Romney recalls, "but I must admit that we didn't hang out together or do things."

Nor did they become friends. Bush was single and fresh from five years in the Texas Air National Guard. A professor who taught Bush remembers him as a mediocre student who rarely participated in the give-and-take of class discussions. Bush earned an MBA and later wrote that Harvard "gave me the tools and vocabulary of the business world." But these skills didn't become central to his political career, much less his presidency.

Romney had a different Harvard experience. He was married with two kids. "I had passed the young and irresponsible stage," Romney told me. "I had a home and a mortgage.... I went at it with a lot of energy. I was also convinced that because I'd not come from one of these famous Eastern schools I'd probably flunk out. And I did a lot better than that." Romney had gone to Brigham Young University in Utah. At Harvard, he finished in the top 5 percent of his class and was named a Baker Scholar, a prestigious academic honor. (...)

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