sábado, 24 de noviembre de 2007

"Campaign is all business"

El New York Times habla con algunos de los responsables de la campaña presidencial de Mitt Romney. Una de las operaciones que más está sorprendiendo hasta ahora por su buen rendimiento. For Romney & Company, Campaign Is All Business

(...) Presidential campaigns, with their boiler-room pressure, news media scrutiny and organizational challenges, have always functioned as something of a dress rehearsal for the White House. How do the candidates make tough decisions? Are they willing to listen to opposing points of view? Do they micromanage?

These questions have taken on a particular edge among the candidates for the Republican presidential nomination, who have remained for the most part ideologically close to President Bush but are trying to cast themselves as more competent.

Mitt Romney, in particular, is staking his campaign in large measure on his image as a managerial guru. He has emphasized his advantage on this score on the stump, saying it derives from the data-driven, analysis-laden business practices he acquired in his years in the private sector — and which his aides say are evident in how he runs his campaign. (...)

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