jueves, 29 de noviembre de 2007


Sin tiempo que perder, Rudy Giuliani sigue invirtiendo todo su dinero en New Hampshire. Con los últimos sondeos estatales mostrándolo catorce puntos por detrás de Mitt Romney, el ex Alcalde de Nueva York vuelve a lanzar un nuevo anuncio mostrándose como un orgulloso conservador fiscal, y advirtiendo de las subidas de impuestos que planearían los candidatos demócratas.

(...) Mayor Giuliani: When I became Mayor of New York City things were out of control. I lowered taxes. I reduced the growth of government. Made government more accountable. And New York City boomed. I would do these things for America because I know they work. I know that reducing taxes produces more revenues. Democrats don’t know that. They don’t believe it. Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John Edwards, here’s a promise I assure you they’ll keep. They are making the promise to raise taxes. The only thing I can tell you in addition to that is they’ll raise taxes even more than they promise. (...)

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