miércoles, 7 de noviembre de 2007

Brownback con McCain

Richard Ross nos anuncia que el Senador Sam Brownback, precandidato presidencial fallido, hará público hoy su apoyo a la candidatura presidencial de su compañero en el Senado, John McCain. El equipo de McCain habría preparado cuidadosamente el anuncio, que se realizará hoy en un tour por Iowa en el que participará el propio Brownback. La selección de Iowa no es casualidad. Los números de McCain allí son bastante penosos, mientras que para Brownback ese era el único estado del que le llegaban ciertas esperanzas. Brownback: McCain's my guy

(...) For what it’s worth…. Sam Brownback, the Kansas conservative and favorite of evangelical Christians, will endorse his former Republican presidential rival John McCain, GOP officials said Wednesday.

The nod may provide a much-needed boost, particularly in Iowa, for the Arizona senator and one-time presumed GOP front-runner whose bid faltered and is now desperate for a comeback. Republican officials said Brownback will announce his support for McCain later Wednesday in Dubuque, Iowa, and then travel with the candidate to campaign in two other cities in the state. The officials spoke on the condition of anonymity to avoid publicly pre-empting the announcement.

It’s uncertain how much weight, if any, Brownback’s backing will carry; the Kansas senator dropped out of the race last month with very little money and very little support. While he is a favorite of religious conservatives, he failed to persuade them to embrace him as the GOP’s consensus conservative candidate. He spent months emphasizing his rock-solid opposition to abortion, gay marriage and other issues important to the party’s right flank, but left the race ranking low in national polls and state surveys.

Could Brownback’s backing signal to evangelical Christians that they can trust McCain and help solidify McCain’s credentials on social issues? We’ll see. The endorsement could be especially important in Iowa, where McCain continues to trail in polls (...)

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