martes, 18 de septiembre de 2007

"Going Nowhere Fast"

Dick Morris y la Fox News no dan crédito a la recién estrenada campaña de Fred Thompson. En su último artículo, el prestigioso consultor político explica con su habitual crudeza por qué cree que la aventura del ex Senador nunca será viable. Fred Thompson: Going Nowhere Fast

(...) Now that Thompson has finally declared his candidacy, albeit on the Jay Leno show, many are pinning their hopes on him as a later-day Ronald Reagan.

But he’s no Ronald Reagan and he’s never going to be viable. Here’s why:

He’s A Political Light Weight and He’s Not Ready For The National Stage

In his first week of campaigning, Thompson has shown that he has neither the substance nor the experience that is essential for a serious presidential candidate. One wonders what makes him — and his supporters — think that he is, in any way, up to the job.

He skipped the New Hampshire debate last week and he’s passing on a candidate forum in Fort Lauderdale next week. But given his air-headed performances in public so far, he ought to stay away. Far away. Maybe after a few more years of briefings, he might be ready — but, he’s definitely not presidential material right now.

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