sábado, 29 de septiembre de 2007

Financiación pública sí, no, o con condiciones

Un dilema para el candidato John Edwards. Edwards’s Embrace of Public Money May Be Limited

(...) In an interview with CNN on Thursday, Mr. Edwards said he was accepting the benefits and limits of public financing to support the system, which was adopted after Watergate to limit campaigns’ dependence on big donors. Asked about the general election, Mr. Edwards told CNN, “We are talking about through the campaign, period.”

“It’s not about a money calculation,” he said. “This is about taking a stand, a principled stand, for what’s right. I believe in public financing.”

On Friday, however, his campaign manager, David E. Bonior, a former House member from Michigan, said Mr. Edwards might reject public financing for the general election unless the Republican nominee also agreed to take public financing.

Mr. Edwards “understands that almost none of the Republican candidates share this commitment,” Mr. Bonior wrote. “Accordingly, we will continue to raise money for the general election so we will be ready to compete against the Republican nominee.”

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