miércoles, 28 de mayo de 2008

Ninguno de los tres

American Spectator nos cuenta que ni Jindal, ni Romney, ni Crist, los tres invitados estelares a la barbacoa del pasado fin de semana, están siendo considerados para la Vicepresidencia. Three's Company

(...) Despite the hype around the Memorial Weekend gathering in Sedona at Sen. John McCain's ranch, only Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is being given serious consideration for the vice presidential nomination, say McCain insiders with knowledge of the ongoing vetting process. And even that serious consideration can only go so far.

"Jindal is the only one, but there seems to be general agreement that we need him to be the best governor he can be and a leader of the Republican Party more," says one McCain campaign adviser. "McCain has gotten a good look at [Mitt] Romney as a competitor and as someone who is running in support of his candidacy, and frankly he can't tell the difference. It's been a very educational process. Let's just leave it at that."

Florida Gov. Charlie Crist is not considered a serious candidate, for much the same reason as Jindal.

"People shouldn't forget that great policy ideas that are the strength of the Republican Party rose from the state level back in the late 1980s and early 1990s, guys like [then Michigan Gov. John] Engler and [then Wisconsin Gov. Tommy] Thompson. Guys like Jindal and Crist, and women like [Sarah] Palin in Alaska, we need them to be the next great party leaders long after McCain is gone," says an RNC political consultant.

McCain intends to hold at least two more "Sedona Getaways" with potential McCain Administration candidates before the GOP convention at the end of August. (...)

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