lunes, 24 de diciembre de 2007

Sioux City Journal: Obama y Romney

El Senador Barack Obama y el Gobernador Mitt Romney se han hecho con el apoyo editorial del Sioux City Journal. Diario que pone en circulación unos 40,000 ejemplares diarios en la conservadora zona oeste del estado de Iowa. El periódico cita la integridad y liderazgo como factores determinantes para apostar por estos dos candidatos.

Obama: 'A common good and a higher interest'

(...) Barack Obama is the Democratic candidate who best understands this critical moment in our nation�s history. He is equipped to bring a fractured people together and possesses the gifts to move us forward, united with a common mission, ready to answer that call.

That is why we are endorsing the U.S. senator from Illinois in the Jan. 3 Iowa Caucuses.

Obama is a gifted orator. Yet, his skills extend beyond the stage of political theater. He has demonstrated a deep understanding of the challenges, home and abroad, our next president must confront. His record in Congress and the Illinois state senate indicates he has the ability to reach out to Republicans and Independents to identify sound, bipartisan solutions and take on special interests.

Obama's domestic priorities are similar to those of many of his opponents in the Democratic field. That doesn't mean he fits neatly into the traditional liberal mold. (...)

Romney: 'Strong military, strong economy, strong families'

(...) In his party's field of presidential candidates, Mitt Romney stands out as such an individual. Today we endorse Romney as the Republican we support in the Jan. 3 Iowa Caucuses.

Romney combines an outsider's new face with a proven track record of success as an executive in both the private and public sectors. As a businessman, the president and chief executive officer of the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City and governor of Massachusetts, he has demonstrated an ability to forge consensus, organize, mobilize and motivate in order to solve problems.

Personally, he is engaging, even charming, he has shown an ability to reach across partisan divides, and he is passionate on the campaign trail. In terms of leadership qualities, he possesses "it," and the importance of "it" should not be diminished. Let's be honest, a candidate for president can prepare volumes of detailed ideas, but if he or she is a polarizing figure within the halls of Congress or devoid of the personal traits necessary to inspire Americans to listen and follow, those plans don't have a chance of success. (...)

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