lunes, 24 de diciembre de 2007

Obama convence al Nashua Telegraph

El Senador Barack Obama se ha hecho con el importante endorsement del Nashua Telegraph. Un clásico de la prensa de la Costa Este, fundado en el Siglo XIX. El periódico tiene una tirada de unos 27,000 ejemplares en la ciudad de Nashua, situada en la zona sur de New Hampshire. Se inclinan por Obama por considerar que es el demócrata más apto para hacerse con el voto independiente y moderado. Obama can end decades of division

(...) Illinois Sen. Barack Obama is the best choice for Democrats in the New Hampshire primary on Jan. 8. He is the candidate with the greatest chance of reaching across the aisle – of resonating with moderate and independent voters needed to capture the general election – while maintaining the core principles of his party.

And he best represents what Democrats are looking for this year: a change from the status quo, a genuine and authentic voice for hope and healing during difficult and divisive times.

During our editorial board meetings with each of the primary contenders, candidates worked hard to define themselves on issues and on character.

During these meetings, Obama stood out; he thought deeply about the answer to each question we asked him. He spoke neither in safe, pre-scripted talking points nor in divisive polemic. He was able to give nuanced answers to questions without sounding like he was avoiding taking a position. (...)

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