martes, 31 de julio de 2007

Las cartas de Hillary

El New York Times ha publicado una serie de cartas que una joven Hillary Clinton escribió entre 1965 y 1969 a un amigo suyo llamado John Peavoy. In the ’60s, a Future Candidate Poured Her Heart Out in Letters

(...) Ms. Rodham skates earnestly on the surface of life, raising more questions than answers. “Last week I decided that even if life is absurd why couldn’t I spend it absurdly happy?” she wrote in November of her junior year. She then challenges herself to “define ‘happiness’ Hillary Rodham, acknowledged agnostic intellectual liberal, emotional conservative.”

From there, she deems the process of self-definition to be “too depressing” and asserts that “the easiest way out is to stop any thought approaching introspection and to advise others whenever possible.”

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