jueves, 26 de agosto de 2010

AK - Sen: esperando al voto por correo

Nos cuenta Chris Cillizza que el National Republican Senatorial Committee ha puesto a uno de sus abogados al servicio de la Senadora Lisa Murkowski para la dura batalla que se avecina la semana próxima con el recuento del voto por correo. Y Shushannah Walshe nos descubre en The Daily Beast cómo surgió la candidatura de Joe Miller:

Palin's New Man in Alaska

(...) Sarah Palin’s endorsed candidate Joe Miller is inching towards victory in the Alaska senate race against incumbent, Lisa Murkowski. With every precinct reporting he is up 1,668 votes. But, before Palin even endorsed him, she had a peripheral role in his decision to even jump in the race. At her resignation speech last July when she officially stepped down as Governor of Alaska and handed over the reigns to her number two, Sean Parnell, Miller was first approached about the potential of taking on Murkowski.

At the event, Miller was thinking about running for Lt. Governor and mulled it over with two Alaskan Republican operatives, Dirk Moffatt and Matt Johnson. Moffatt was the chief of staff to Republican Congressman and Palin supporter, Bob Lynn, and he first suggested to Miller to set his sights higher. (...) Continúa...

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