viernes, 12 de octubre de 2007

Dirty tricks contra Edwards

Dam McLaughlin reflexiona en RedState sobre quién puede estar detrás de las informaciones publicadas en el National Enquirer sobre un supuesto affaire sexual de John Edwards con una empleada de su campaña. Esta es la historia que no falta cada cuatro años. Es ya una tradición que algún candidato sea desprestigiado con una historia de estas. Who Is Trashing John Edwards?

(...) Edwards is, however, importantly positioned in one respect: in Iowa, the first Democratic primary/caucus and the only one where Hillary lacks a large lead, he has around 20-25% of the vote, nearly even with Hillary and Obama, as a result of having campaigned there pretty much continuously for five years. Obama's wife has conceded that if Hillary wins Iowa, the race is effectively over; if Obama wins, that could force Hillary into a much tougher primary campaign and potentially drain her war chest and alienate key constituencies. Thus, both candidates have a motive to want Edwards out of the way so they can go after the voters who have been long committed to Edwards. (...)

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